Since the notorious Columbine High School shooting in 1999, over 50 active shooter incidents have targeted schools. Almost 25% of these have resulted in mass killings. Schools in all areas of the country, urban, suburban, and rural, are at risk. With school shootings becoming an unfortunate and regular occurrence in the United States, it has […]

Active Shooters: Training and Response

Woman planning active shooter response approach

Schools across the state are scrambling to manage the Ohio Department of Education’s guidelines that mandate quarantines for those who have had “direct contact” with students with a confirmed COVID case. These rules are added stress on top of all the other challenges the 2021-2022 school year has brought. Our panel of experts gathered to […]

Watch: How to Navigate Ohio’s New Quarantine Guidelines

Is your school prepared in the event of an emergency? Whether it’s a natural disaster, an intruder, a medical emergency, or even a global pandemic, schools need emergency response tools to ensure on-site safety. Having the best possible emergency response and panic alarm solution in place is the ultimate investment in the safety of your […]

The Best School Panic Button Solutions

To say this has been a tough time for schools would be an enormous understatement. Educators have scrambled to develop entirely new ways of engaging and inspiring their classes. Students have struggled with virtual learning and feelings of isolation. Parents have felt the pressure of juggling their work-life with their family obligations. Returning to in-person […]

ESSER Funds for Contact Tracing & Emergencies

With concerns around the COVID-19 pandemic rising as we all watch the rapid spread of its Delta variant, employees are hesitant to return to the office. For instance, SHRM’s “Navigating COVID-19: Returning to the Workplace” report says that over half of organizations (53%) planned to return to work by the end of July. This means […]

How to Safely Return to Office After COVID

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The Volan team has been proud to support some of the industry’s top planners as they execute the safest possible in-person events. From groups as small as 100 people to as large as 2,000, helping meetings professionals implement their Duty of Care has become our specialty.  This front-row seat has allowed us to see some […]

How to manage Duty of Care in meetings

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