White Paper: 7 Technologies To Achieve Industry 4.0 Innovation, Today

This white paper outlines seven industry 4.0 technologies that your company can adopt today to drive innovation, efficiency, and productivity.

We are in the midst of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), and it is shaking up business just like the previous revolutions.

  1. First Industrial Revolution: Mechanized production using water and steam power (the late 1700s).
  2. Second Industrial Revolution: Mass production using electricity-powered assembly lines (the late 1800s).
  3. Third Industrial Revolution: Introduction of desktop computers and business software (the 1970s).

The 4IR encompasses all industries but is often used interchangeably with Industry 4.0, which is 4IR specifically for manufacturing, heavy industry, and warehousing. The Industry 4.0 concept originated in Germany in 2014, driven by their pursuit of manufacturing excellence. These technologies include the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, etc.

Companies are aggressively pursuing Industry 4.0 innovation and technologies. This pace has only accelerated during the pandemic over the past two years. Companies took advantage of slower demand to aggressively adopt digitalization technologies and digitally transform their businesses.

We have written a white paper 7 Technologies To Achieve Industry 4.0 Innovation, Today outlining critical technologies that manufacturing and warehousing companies can implement to drive innovation, improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase profits. Together with the white paper, we have included one of our successful customer case studies and a brief company overview.

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Industry 4.0 White Paper

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