Protect Your People. Transform Your Operations.

Dramatically improve emergency response, access instant contact tracing reports and reduce operational costs with Volan's people positioning software.

Locate Thousands of People in Seconds

Protect Your People. Transform Your Operations.

Dramatically improve emergency response, access instant contact tracing reports and reduce operational costs with our revolutionary people positioning software.

The Experts in Powerful Data Solutions

Trusted by thousands of users and some of the world's most popular brands

Things Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

A completely new and different multi-functional safety and analytics platform

Pinpoint Accuracy

During an emergency, our micro-location positioning allows you to send help to exactly where it’s needed, in any room, hall or floor.

Two-way Communication

The only system that allows for both specific emergency assistance requests and the power to instantly communicate instructions, silently, to everyone onsite.

Never Lose Connection

In the case of a power or network outage, our private and independent local network ensures you won’t lose communication when you need it
the most. 

Contact Tracing

Using our proprietary algorithm, pull a ranked list of those most exposed the moment you receive notification of a confirmed case.

Real-time Analytics

With our live map, instantly locate people during an emergency or quickly make cost-saving changes to your business or event. 

No Strain on Resources

Because Volan doesn’t require access to your WiFi, there’s no impact on your system. Plus, installation is quick, easy and free.

How It Works

Panic Button

Unlike other systems whose location positioning is spotty and doesn't offer visibility into the type of incident, Volan provides the exact location and type of incident. 


Contact Tracing

Keep your doors open with instant contact trace reports at the push of a button.  Know exactly who has been affected and quickly inform your people of their exposure level. 


Data & Analytics

Make informed daily adjustments, and apply learnings to future projects. Cut down on costs and increase efficiencies.


Workforce Optimization

Analyze people movement to optimize traffic flow throughout facilities and create digital barriers to monitor live and historical labor analytics. 


Automatic Rostering

Automatically roster people entering or exiting any space. Save time locating individuals using the site search function. Reclaim valuable instruction or work time. 


Award-winning Safety Technology

Proud recipient of the UNLV Lee Prize Nevada Innovator Award

No WiFi, GPS or Smartphones needed. Ever. 

Installation can be done in virtually any space within minutes.

“In today's world one of the most important things is access to data. Volan's technology during the pandemic and after the pandemic will provide tools that not only increase safety and security, but also allows labor to be used in a more efficient manner.”

Professor Leith Martin
Executive Director of UNLV Troesh Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

"Utilizing this type of technology can create a higher level of attendee confidence because they know if they were within close contact with a sick person during the event that they will be informed. Confirming that every precaution possible has been taken to keep attendees safe and to ensure they feel comfortable attending in-person events is vital, too.

Katie Bohrer, Vice President of Meetings Design and Experience, ALHI

"If a student or teacher tests positive for COVID, the badge will provide 'a digital footprint' of where they’ve been and who they might have infected. That option kind of mitigates the argument that Big Brother is watching you."

Joe Spiccia, Superintendent, Wickliffe City School District

Easy to install. Easier to use.

360* Tech Support

A Volan representative will be on-call to provide a true end-to end experience. Stay focused on your daily priorities, we'll handle the rest

Instant Live Reporting

With access to real-time data, you'll have the power to make game-changing and profit saving moves

You’ll receive a pre-arrival communications toolkit so you can effectively communicate to your staff what to expect and how to use the devices 

Seamless Installation

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