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Meetings & Conventions

Real-time metrics and daily reporting plus automatic rostering, contact tracing and room capacity alerts for optimized meetings and attendee safety. 


Virus mitigation, automatic rostering and emergency response to rebuild confidence in a safe return to the office 


Workforce optimization and labor analytics to enhance your bottom line 

Next generation disaster readiness, emergency response and virus mitigation for ultimate protection of students and staff


People Positioning Software

Award-winning Safety Technology

Experience a streamlined, modern security and workforce optimization technology today

Emergency Readiness

Volan Technology was built to keep your people safe in the event of an unpredictable and uncontrollable emergency. Natural disasters like tornadoes and hurricanes along with medical emergencies or intrusions means organizations need to implement rock-solid emergency plans quickly, easily and inexpensively. 

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Data & Analytics

Access to the right data is the key differentiator between a good process and a well-oiled machine. Volan’s system gives you the ability to make informed daily adjustments, and apply learnings to future projects. You’ll have the intel needed to cut down on costs and increase efficiencies, making planning a more profitable and productive future a breeze.

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Workforce Optimization

Automate operational analytics, maximize profit potential and predict future resource needs by identifying where time is spent and productivity can be streamlined. Analyze movement to optimize traffic flow throughout facilities and create digital barriers around sites to automatically monitor access and eliminate manual project site monitoring.

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Automatic Rostering

Access real-time and historical data on who is on site, when, and where. Volan’s live map provides instant access to 3D location positioning of every person onsite to automatically roster people entering or exiting the space. Save time locating individuals using the site search function and use the data to quickly adjust staffing as needed. 

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Virus Mitigation

Volan Technology delivers live and historical tracing of individuals within any geo-fenced area. Within seconds, you’ll know who has potentially been affected both in frequency and duration. Volan Technology easily calculates the CDC’s new definition of close contact and provides those at risk to administrators across a completely private channel.

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Game-changing Differentiators

We didn't set out to meet other technologies, we set out to surpass other technologies. We built our product with only you in mind


Vertical and horizontal 3D positioning allows you to send help to exactly where it’s needed, in any room, hall or floor.

Two-way Communication

The only system that allows for both emergency assistance requests and the power to instantly communicate instructions, silently, to everyone onsite.

Never Lose Contact

No need for Wifi or power means you won’t lose communication when you need it the most. 

Bird's Eye View

You’ll have the revolutionary ability to give a first responder a full view of every person on site the moment they arrive.

Real-time Analytics

Take innovative action immediately with access to real-time data. Optimize, streamline, save money--within seconds.

No Strain on Resources

Because Volan doesn’t require power or WiFi, there’s no impact on your system. Plus, installation is easy and can usually be done in 1 -2 days.

How It Works

No WiFi, GPS or Smartphones needed. Ever. 

Installation can be done in virtually any space within minutes.

“In today's world one of the most important things is access to data. Volan's technology during the pandemic and after the pandemic will provide tools that not only increase safety and security, but also allows labor to be used in a more efficient manner.”

Professor Leith Martin
Executive Director of UNLV Troesh Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

"Utilizing this type of technology can create a higher level of attendee confidence because they know if they were within close contact with a sick person during the event that they will be informed. Confirming that every precaution possible has been taken to keep attendees safe and to ensure they feel comfortable attending in-person events is vital, too.

Katie Bohrer, Vice President of Meetings Design and Experience, ALHI

"If a student or teacher tests positive for COVID, the badge will provide 'a digital footprint' of where they’ve been and who they might have infected. That option kind of mitigates the argument that Big Brother is watching you."

Joe Spiccia, Superintendent, Wickliffe City School District

Easy to install. Easier to use.

360* Tech Support

A Volan representative will be on-call to provide a true end-to end experience. Stay focused on your daily priorities, we'll handle the rest

Instant Live Reporting

With access to real-time data, you'll have the power to make game-changing and profit saving moves

You’ll receive a pre-arrival communications toolkit so you can effectively communicate to your staff what to expect and how to use the devices 

Seamless Installation

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