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Top 5 Reasons Manufacturers Need Location Intelligence

Top 5 Reasons Manufacturers Need Location Intelligence

Manufacturers today are faced with more challenges than ever in seeking higher operational efficiency in an increasingly competitive market. Location intelligence is changing how businesses operate, from optimizing profit margins to ensuring safety compliance. Location intelligence software can help your company improve efficiency, reduce unproductive hours and increase profits. Location intelligence is the use of geospatial data to identify and solve business problems.
Motion Studies Blog Post

Time and Motion Studies for Manufacturing

What is a time and motion study? What’s the best way to perform a task? Time and motion studies are a scientific way of cutting to the core of that question. Simply put, “motion” entails the movements related to a task, and “time” is the duration it takes to complete a task. If we’re all doing the same task independently, the person who finishes the fastest, using the most effective “movements,” creates the best way of getting the job done without continuous observation.