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Emergency Response

The revolutionary ability to report the type of incident in any emergency so you can send the best possible assistance to exactly where it’s needed. Two-way communication allows for silent deployment of safety instructions and a real-time dashboard gives an unprecedented full view of every person on-site. 

Save significant dollars on security labor costs

Always know who and where every person is on-site during an emergency

Never lose connection with the system even during power failure or network outages 

Virus Mitigation

Run an accurate contact trace in seconds and know who has potentially been affected both in frequency and duration using Volan’s proprietary algorithm. 

Free-up resources and save significant dollars in manual contact tracing

Eliminate mass quarantines and end business interruptions

Rebuild confidence in in-person learning and collaboration

Panic Buttons

Identify incidents and locate individuals in real-time with  3D accuracy anywhere onsite. Easily ensure the right assistance is immediately sent to exactly where it's needed. 

Total compliance in days with easy and free installation

dramatically reduce incident response times 

Attract qualified employees who know their safety is treated as a top priority

Data & Analytics

Access to the right data is the key differentiator between a good process and a well-oiled machine. Volan’s system gives you the ability to make informed daily adjustments, and apply learnings to future projects. You’ll have the intel needed to cut down on costs and increase efficiencies, making planning a more profitable and productive future a breeze.

Make informed daily adjustments to cut down on costs

Make future planning more profitable and streamlined

Understand people flow in real-time to adjust seating or food preparations

For the first time ever

First responders will know exactly what type of incident they're responding to, how many individuals are involved and where exactly they are

Workforce Optimization

Gain insight into productivity and labor movement to optimize people flow and streamline operations. 

Data intel allows for increased profitability

Real-time and historical views to optimize labor productivity

Set and achieve fiscal goals based on real data

Automatic Rostering & Attendance

Know who is on site and where, in real-time. Access historical reporting of individual movement throughout the day with automatic rostering of people entering or exiting the space. 

Eliminate the need for manual head counts 

Understand who is on site and quickly locate the people you need

Automatically generate absence lists

Cost-saving Solutions

without volan technology

with volan technology

emergency response

contact tracing

workforce optimization

rostering & attendance

no real-time view

reduce cost of resource officers and EMS systems

high cost of labor, testing, mass quarantines

remove manual tracing from your budget entirely

minutes and hours wasted each day

lack of immediate and actionable data

instantly reduce costs of operations and processes

time is money

Time-saving Solutions

without volan technology

with volan technology

emergency response

contact tracing

workforce optimization

rostering & attendance

10-20 minutes

5 seconds to report incident with real-time view

days/weeks to manually trace

seconds to trace thousands of people

hours per day to manually roster

weeks/months to identify inefficiencies

real-time workforce analytics in seconds

automatic and instantaneous

Customized Reporting

No need to sift through data that’s not relevant to you. With Volan’s system you’ll have the ability to curate daily reports filled only with the information you’re looking for. Get a detailed look at rostering and absentees, automated room counts, peak hours and more.

Easy to install. Easier to use.

360* Tech Support

A Volan representative will be on-call to provide a true end-to end experience. Stay focused on your daily priorities, we'll handle the rest

Instant Live Reporting

With access to real-time data, you'll have the power to make game-changing and profit saving moves

You’ll receive a pre-arrival communications toolkit so you can effectively communicate to your staff what to expect and how to use the devices 

Seamless Installation

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