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Time and Motion Studies for Manufacturing

What is a time and motion study? What’s the best way to perform a task? Time and motion studies are a scientific way of cutting to the core of that question. Simply put, “motion” entails the movements related to a task, and “time” is the duration it takes to complete a task. If we’re all doing the same task independently, the person who finishes the fastest, using the most effective “movements,” creates the best way of getting the job done without continuous observation.


Increasing Workforce Productivity

Workforce productivity is the sum of what employees do each day. Put simply, this concept denotes the total amount of goods and services produced through an understanding of an organization’s biggest asset — its people. Payroll often ranks highest among company expenditures, sometimes using up to one-third of a company’s revenue. With labor shortages impacting the supply of available workers and turnover rates, employers must hire the right people and ensure that they’re creating environments for employees to be able to work in the most efficient manner. Hiring, onboarding, and productivity standards are extremely important for businesses to invest in.

What is Workforce Optimization?

Workforce optimization is center stage in the conversation about how organizations can make better decisions regarding their resources and employees. In a time of unprecedented change, organizations are tasked with fundamentally rethinking how they work. From medicine to manufacturing, employee productivity remains more essential than ever. In this sea of change, industry-leading companies are finding opportunities for innovation and efficiency—and workforce optimization is a vital component of these processes.

What Is RTLS? Real-Time Location System

RTLS is an acronym for real-time location system, which identifies the current location of assets or people. RTLS doesn’t necessarily refer to a specific technology, but rather it is a solution that may be achieved through various technologies. RTLS can accurately locate and manage assets, inventory, or even people and help companies to make informed decisions based on collected location data.