People Positioning Technology for Optimization and Security

Observe people flow, predict performance and save lives

Unobtrusive Volan Shields communicate with small wearable Volan Sensors to report individual, 3D location positioning. This creates precise people positioning data, both live and historical that can be used for emergency response, workforce optimization, meetings analytics, contact tracing and more.

How It Works

Volan Shields

Volan Shields are battery-powered devices that are quickly and easily installed with zero need for IT or infrastructure modifications. The Shields communicate with small wearable Volan Sensors (above) to report individual, 3D location positioning. 

small sized & installed in minutes

No personal information 

minimal needed for full coverage

Command, Respond, Protect Sensors

Volan Sensors are small wearable devices that can be worn on a lanyard, tucked into a corporate badge or as a wristband. There are three types of sensors designed with specific capabilities depending on the users' environment.

revolutionary two-way communication

command sensors

protect sensors

respond sensors

Allows users to communicate an incident or emergency to the Command Sensor within seconds.

Allows users to execute specific instructions based on the circumstance to all devices. 

Allows users to alert central command center of an emergency.

precise and immediate people positioning information for first responders

real-time alerts when people enter potentially hazardous areas

prompt management of entry access points

no personally identifiable information

small sized & lightweight

clear icons for use in multi lingual environments

Two-way Communication

The missing link in every safety technology out there, except with Volan.

Volan Dashboards

Designed with the user in mind, Volan dashboards are fully encrypted and easy to navigate. Access both real-time and historical data and generate meaningful reports with the touch of a button.





Data intel allows for increased profitability

Real-time and historical views to optimize labor productivity

Eliminate the need for manual head counts 

Automate rostering and eliminate the need for manual counts

Rebuild confidence in in-person meetings with digital contact tracing


Make future planning more profitable and streamlined

Always know who and where every person is on-site during an emergency

Never lose connection with the system even during power failure or network outages 

Eliminate the need for manual head counts 


Understand people flow in real-time to adjust seating or food preparations

We have customized dashboards for Meetings, K-12, Manufacturing and Corporate industries.

Easy to install. Easier to use.

360* Tech Support

A Volan representative will be on-call to provide a true end-to end experience. Stay focused on your daily priorities, we'll handle the rest

Instant Live Reporting

With access to real-time data, you'll have the power to make game-changing and profit saving moves

You’ll receive a pre-arrival communications toolkit so you can effectively communicate to your staff what to expect and how to use the devices 

Seamless Installation

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