Volan for Warehousing

Reimagine warehouse management with Volan-powered proximity tasking

What happens when you open Uber and request a ride?

At that moment, Uber looks at your location and the location of every available driver. Then Uber fulfills your request by sending you the available driver nearest to you 

Uber uses Location Intelligence to provide the most efficient, cost effective service to its customers

Well, Volan adds Location Intelligence to your warehouse operation so that you can provide the most efficient, cost-effective service to your customers

Volan enables you to identify operational inefficiencies that were always invisible, like shining a bright light on a costly blind spot

Identify your most productive workers to improve retention and reduce turnover costs

Assign pick tasks to the worker nearest to the bin and eliminate unnecessary time and movement with each pick task 

Create more accurate efficiency standards and regularly audit performance against those standards for continual improvement 

Identify, measure and analyze unproductive time to optimize site layout, eliminate bottlenecks and reduce time in transit

Capture a more accurate accounting of labor cost by pick task, by shift, by product category, by customer

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