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The next generation in school safety technology

 Digitally and accurately trace thousands of people within seconds and know who is most exposed with Volan’s proprietary V-Score algorithm based on the most recent CDC guidelines. Put an end to mass quarantines and costly manual contact tracing. 

Virus Mitigation

Automatically roster students as they enter or exit the school building and the classrooms. With access to Volan’s real-time data, teachers and faculty will always know if a child is present and where they are on campus.

Automatic Rostering & Attendance

Safeguard your school with revolutionary emergency readiness. The Volan Dashboard provides 3D real-time information on the location, type of incident reported and who is within the risk parameter. 

Emergency Preparedness

Identify incidents and individuals in real-time with pinpoint 3D accuracy across your site so you can easily ensure all students and staff make it to a safe haven until the storm passes. With no dependency on smartphones, Wi-fi, or Bluetooth, your school is still protected even if the power goes down.

Natural Disaster Readiness

Leave nothing to chance

On-campus Solutions

Provide first-responders a full view of every individual on campus and activate the revolutionary two-way communication to silently broadcast safety instructions. 

For the first time ever

Give your teachers the gift of time.

Automatic rostering will save valuable instruction time

Alyssa's Law Compliance

volan technology

smart phone technology

1st Generation wearable technology

direct communication with law enforcement


at least one on campus

two-way communication

ability to report type of incident

location accuracy

full staff coverage

How We Stack Up

“Volan Technology’s positioning system provides our schools with a critical tool that will help protect the health and safety of students, staff and teachers while also maintaining personal privacy. 

Joe Spiccia, Superintendent, Wickliffe City School District

“Volan is an impressive tool that can replace multiple systems with capabilities no other system has. Risk and liabilities will decrease, better protecting my district.”

Nick Mackres, School Business Administrator at Robbinsville Board of Education

Weather any storm

With zero dependency on Wifi or GPS, Volan Technology will keep working under virtually any circumstances

Better Than Ever

automate time-consuming daily operations such as rostering & attendance

prevent virus spread and mass quarantines

dramatically reduce emergency response times & give first-responders precise real-time incident and location data

increase community confidence in returning schools

easily integrate with most school information systems

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Installation In A Snap

Fully operational in as little as two days with no burden on your school’s resources 

Seamless Installation

Your school can be up and running in as little as two days

360* Tech Support

Year-round tech support for any and all needs

Approachable Technology

Full training for staff and administrators on the easy-to-use system

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