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Everything you need to plan a safe and successful meeting
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An All-in-One Solution

Next generation event technology for accurate contact tracing, real-time analytics, automatic rostering and attendance, room capacity alerts and more

Contact Tracing

Pull a ranked list to alert those most exposed.  Avoid mass quarantines and build attendee confidence. 

Session Metrics

Quickly know the number of attendees and how long they spend in each session. Evaluate results to generate higher session attendance

Attendee Metrics

Easily access meeting data to optimize meeting flow,  manage meal budgets and automate rostering

Customizable Reports

Pull the information most important to you to fully optimize your meeting

Automatic Rostering

Effortlessly manage rostering and attendance for continuing education classes

Totally wireless, totally nomadic.
We can geo-fence any space, indoors or out

Zero dependency on WiFi or electrical power.  


Because the meetings & events industry has come too far to turn back now. 

Build attendee confidence

When your duty of care includes every tool in your toolbox, attendees are more inclined to book. Give them the peace of mind that health and safety is protected 

Waste no time

We know time is of the essence when it comes to exposure.  You'll have a ranked list of those most exposed the same day you receive notification of a confirmed case. That's our guarantee 

Stream line communications

No more mass communications to the entire group with zero indication of exposure levels.  High, moderate and low risk are all accounted for so attendees can take necessary precautions right away 

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 “Face-to-face meetings matter and provide a sense of connection, clearer communication, better relationship building, and increased productivity. Knowing that Volan’s advanced analytics and contact tracing tool could provide highly detailed reporting should someone be exposed to COVID-19 certainly helped put attendees at ease."

Mike Dominguez,  President & CEO, Associated Luxury Hotels International

Katie Bohrer, Vice President of Meetings Design, ALHI

"When we had positive cases reported at two previous events we could only communicate with attendees in a very general, unsure way. Volan's Technology has given us a tool to add to the pandemic planning toolbox, one that protects my attendees at a higher level."

 Alan Morasch, CAE, Executive Director, 21st Century Cardiothoracic Surgical Society

"Seeing Volan Technology in action, this could be the "holy grail" to more effective meeting management. I am already envisioning tons of other applications for this tremendous innovation." 

David Blansfield
Executive Vice President & Group Publisher
Northstar Meetings Group

“At the Northstar Meetings Group, we committed ourselves to in-person events earlier than many other event organizers, on the condition we could meet safely and effectively. We sought to achieve that primary objective not only for our events, but to show event organizers how to plan and produce safe meetings for themselves. We couldn’t have accomplished that objective without the contact tracing and meetings analytics capabilities of Volan Technology. They were a critical partner at a very critical time, for us and for our industry.”

End-to-End Support

We’re not here to add another thing to your “to do” list. The Volan team will manage all the details from start to finish


We provide a communications toolkit that will bring clarity to the process and answer attendee's questions before they even arrive

Seamless Registration

Distribution of the devices is integrated with your registration process. The lightweight Volan Sensors can be worn on a lanyard or tucked into a name badge

360* Tech Support

A Volan representative will be onsite with you at all times so you can stay focused on ensuring your meeting is running smoothly

Post-Event Reporting

If a confirmed case pops up, we’ll assist with running historical data reports that will give you precise and accurate information so you can identify the people who most need to know, fast

Live Reporting

Take innovative action immediately with access to real-time data. Optimize, streamline, save money--within seconds

Volan Lanyard

How It Works

100% customizable reporting. Your top priorities, your key intel.

Actionable data. Easy to use.

See It In Action

Smart Meetings Flow

Each wearable Volan Smart Meetings Sensor is registered and fully charged prior to attendee arrival. Sensors can last up to 4 days before recharging.

Volan Wearable Sensors

Designated meeting and social function spaces are geofenced with Volan Shields prior to the meeting to provide valuable analytics, rostering and precision contact tracing.

Geofenced Meeting Areas

Sensors and accessories will be distributed to event attendees during on-site registration.

Registration & Badge Pickup

Please refer to our information desk if you have any questions or concerns about the contact tracing technology provided for the meeting.

Volan Technology Information Desk

Meeting planners will monitor the Volan Positioning System to maintain social distancing and perform contact tracing.

Real-time Data

Please return the Sensor to the Volan information desk at the end of your last meeting.

Return Sensors

step by step

How to manage Duty of Care

Learn what steps you can take for your next meeting

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