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Our proprietary algorithm ranks those most exposed to eliminate manual contact tracing and mass quarantines. Keep your operation running without compromising the safety of your people.

Virus Mitigation

Volan automatically lets you know when people arrive or depart from the site giving you the power to follow-up with absentees or quickly locate people in an instant.

Automatic Rostering

Customize your reporting to view people flow and productivity levels. Receive actionable data via live and historical reporting to make immediate cost-saving adjustments.

Cost-saving Adjustments

Identify incidents and individuals in real-time with pinpoint 3D accuracy across your site so you can easily ensure all of your employees make it to a safe haven until the storm passes. With no dependency on smartphones, Wi-fi, or Bluetooth, your school is still protected even if the power goes out.

Emergency Readiness

Game-changing Solutions

Transform your business with the most accurate performance reporting so you can increase production and cultivate safety in the warehouse.

Live & Historical Reporting

Volan’s micro-movement location analytics help you understand the flow of individuals throughout your site at enterprise scale. Identifying inefficiencies in how people move about will maximize your productivity and help your bottom line.

increase productivity

generate savings

build trust

The Barrier System

The ultimate protection for your people and your assets

With Volan's revolutionary geo-fencing capabilities, you can create digital barriers around sites to automatically monitor access and elimninate manual project site monitoring.

completely private

predict future resource needs

monitor micro movements

Actionable data. Easy to use.

100% customizable reporting. Your top priorities, your key intel.

Time-saving Solutions

without volan technology

with volan technology

emergency response

contact tracing

workforce optimization

rostering & attendance

10-20 minutes

5 seconds to report incident with real-time view

days/weeks to manually trace

seconds to trace thousands of people

hours per day to manually roster

weeks/months to identify inefficiencies

real-time workforce analytics in seconds

automatic and instantaneous

Easy to install. Easier to use.

360* Tech Support

A Volan representative will be on-call to provide a true end-to end experience. Stay focused on your daily priorities, we'll handle the rest

Instant Live Reporting

With access to real-time data, you'll have the power to make game-changing and profit saving moves

You’ll receive a pre-arrival communications toolkit so you can effectively communicate to your staff what to expect and how to use the devices 

Seamless Installation

Benefits for Your Business

save time and money by automating manual processes

prevent virus spread and mass quarantines

dramatically reduce incident response times

increase employee confidence in returning to the office

No WiFi, GPS or Smartphones needed. Ever. 

Installation can be done in virtually any space within minutes.

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