Frequently Asked Questions about our hospitality solutions.

How is it worn?

Volan Sensors are lightweight wearable devices that can be worn on a lanyard, tucked into a pocket, or added to a keyring.

How do you price?

It’s based upon the size of the property, hotel room count, and how many employees will be wearing the devices. We then calculate a per-user, per-month fee.

How does it work?

Unobtrusive Volan Shields are quickly and easily installed with zero need for IT or infrastructure modifications. The Shields communicate with small wearable Volan Sensors to report individual, 3D location positioning.

What’s included in the pricing?

Volan price is all-inclusive of set-up, implementation, devices, training, and ongoing support on a per-month, per-user model. We even include a percentage of replacement devices should one be lost or misplaced.

What's the installation fee?

We do not charge an additional installation fee in the per-person, per-month pricing model. There are no additional costs or hidden fees.

Who should wear it?

Anyone within the organization that may be working remotely, such as room attendants, house persons, bell and valet staff, banquet staff, front desk, minibar attendants, or in-room massage therapists

How long do they last?

The sensors should be charged about every 5 days, however, they can be charged at the end of each shift if preferred. The shields will be installed in locations connected to power by our team through the hotel.

Is it private?

Yes, Volan Technology does not store any information on the device, only a 4-digit code. Only designated hotel staff with a two-way encrypted log-in may see names attached to a device. The devices can also be anonymous. Once the employee leaves the geofenced area, the signal drops, similar to blue-tooth in your car. No information will remit once the employee has left the building.

Do they need a cell or wi-fi signal?

They do not, which is a great feature for “dead spots” that may occur in a hotel, such as specific rooms, stairwells, the basement or underground parking garage.

Where can you place the devices? Is there any part of the property you can’t install?

Volan shields can be placed indoors or outdoor in courtyards, an outdoor front-drive, walking paths, etc where remote workers may need to report an emergency.

How long does it take to install?

It takes on average 2-3 days to install (although it can take as little as a day). This depends on the property size, how many hotel rooms, and how much common area we are geofencing. Training is handled by our team and typically takes a few hours. 

How are emergencies reported?

Employees simply push the button that indicates what type of emergency they need assistance with -- fire, intruder or medical. That notification is instantly sent to a designated team leader who can call for the best type of help and send it to exactly where it’s needed.

The system also has the capability to send silent safety instructions -- such as evacuate or lockdown -- to all users at once.

How is Volan different than other companies?

Volan Shields do not require IT or infrastructure modifications for installations. They also run off of a BLE 5 Mesh Network that not only has no dependency on wi-fi or cell signal, but is also extremely accurate. Volan can detect down to the room number, not just a general area of the hotel, saving time, and lives. Finally, Volan is affordable with one approachable monthly cost per user, and does not charge for set-up, maintenance, tech support, or software updates separately.


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