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How does it work?

Each student and staff member will wear or carry a small Volan Sensor while on campus. Small Volan Shields are installed throughout the school grounds which communicate with the sensors delivering room-level location positioning information. The system delivers real-time and historical data to administrators who can use it for emergency response, contact tracing and rostering. 

How is privacy being protected?

The technology runs on a private, on-premise Bluetooth mesh network and does not rely on smartphones or Wifi. Much like Bluetooth in a car, the moment a person leaves the campus, the card is out of range and becomes inactive. 
Additionally, Volan does not have access to student/staff names or any personal details. The Volan team works off of numerical card IDs only. The assignment of the IDs is done on an encrypted iOS app that only authorized school personnel have the passwords. Volan does not–at any point–have access to the app. Volan is simply providing the technology.
If a card is lost, it carries no information on it except for an anonymous card ID number which has no value.
Furthermore, Volan’s system is not able to determine with whom a student or faculty member is conversing, having lunch, etc. It is only able to show who was within each geo-fenced zone for a given period of time. 

What is Volan Technology?

Volan Technology is a product that uses a Bluetooth mesh network to provide real-time location positioning of students and staff while on campus.

How does it work in case of an emergency?

Faculty are able to report the location and specific type of emergency–fire, medical, intruder or fight–with the touch of a button. Administrators instantly receive the alert and are able to send the type of help that’s needed to the exact location. 
In the case of a lockdown or evacuation, administrators can silently send instructions to the entire campus via the wearable sensors. Additionally, for the first time ever, Volan’s system gives first responders a full view of the entire campus the moment they arrive on-site. They will be able to immediately account for every individual and provide assistance to exactly where it’s needed. 

How does the device operate?

The wearable sensors run on a rechargeable battery. Batteries are designed to last for a full school week and only require charging on the weekend. Sensors may be worn on a lanyard, kept in pockets or backpacks. 

What if I still have questions?

We want to hear from you. Please feel free to email us  at

What happens if a student is infected with COVID or a future virus?

In case of a virus outbreak, administrators are able to run a contact trace history on any person with a confirmed case to determine direct and indirect exposure by precise location history, proximity and frequency of exposure. The patented algorithm then ranks those individuals with the highest exposure risk to see with whom they were in direct or indirect contact, and which individuals have the highest exposure risk. 
This report can be run in a matter of seconds, a tremendous value in virus mitigation, and can prevent panic and disinformation. Moreover, the data will inform administrators as to what areas of the school an infected person has spent time allowing for the sanitation plan to be precise and efficient.

Weather any storm

With zero dependency on Wifi or GPS, Volan Technology will keep working under virtually any circumstances

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