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It All Started...

When Volan founder Michael Bettua saw the available options for emergency response in schools and businesses, he knew there had to be a better way. As a father with two school-aged sons, he was concerned that things like GPS, video surveillance and RFID lock systems have been retrofitted from existing tech and don’t provide accurate person identification or meet sufficient privacy standards. Even more concerning, they stop working the moment there’s a network or power outage. 
Michael developed Volan from the ground up, creating an entirely new way to provide accurate people positioning both in-real time and historically. The data the system collects has multiple applications, from instant contact tracing to workforce optimization and digital barriers. Volan’s revolutionary technology is providing schools and businesses with a system they can rely on, designed specifically to protect their people and streamline their operations. 

What's in a Name?

We often get asked, where does the name Volan come from? Like all of us, our founder, Michael, closely followed the story of the Tham Luang cave rescue of the youth soccer team in Thailand in 2018. He was impressed and touched by the dedication lead diver John Volanthen showed in locating and saving the 12 young soccer players and their coach. Michael saw parallels in the diver’s search tactics with the technology he was developing, so, as a way to honor Mr. Volanthan, he named the company Volan.

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Volan Cares

We believe in putting money to good use and that means giving with cause. One of our partners is the Innocent Lives Foundation which focuses on identifying anonymous child predators and helping to bring them to justice.
With every demonstration of our technology booked through the ILF website, we will donate to ILF. Join us.

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